The Science of Kay’s Naturals

What’s going on with diabetes
Did you know that juvenile diabetes is more common now than it’s ever been in our country? At Kay’s Naturals, we’re ready to help.

Charting a New Course
Kay’s Naturals understands that one important way to help people living with diabetes is to offer them good alternatives to nutritionally empty, high-calorie junk foods. Originally developed for diabetics, Kay’s Naturals entire line of Mini Meals combines satisfying flavor with high protein and fiber—essential to achieving healthy weight and blood sugar levels.

Do you want to know why protein and fiber are important? Read on…

A Better Balanceâ„¢ of Ingredients
Diabetic-friendly nutrition depends on consuming a healthy balance of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins), each of which are digested differently and enter the bloodstream at different rates. Carbohydrates, which include sugar and starch, are the fastest to digest, which means a sense of hunger returns more quickly after consumption. Sugars take 2-6 minutes to enter the bloodstream, starches about 10-13 minutes.

In contrast to carbohydrates, proteins digest much more slowly, taking 3-4 hours to digest and absorb into the blood stream. This results in a feeling of satisfaction or fullness for a longer time, reducing your sense of hunger. Fat also is digested more slowly, but because fat contains 9 calories per gram (compared to 4 calories per gram for protein), fat intake must be carefully balanced.

So what is the ideal balance of macro-nutrients—a balance that nourishes your body, sustains healthy blood sugar levels, and helps you lose weight?

Kay’s Naturals resident food scientist, Dr. Massoud Kazemzadeh (who also founded the company 13 years ago), formulates all Kay’s Naturals Mini Meals with a balance of 34% protein (for sustained energy, hunger reduction, and lean-muscle building); 11% fiber (for healthy digestion and hunger reduction); and low fat.

Also note that all Kay’s Naturals foods are gluten-free.

Burning More Calories
For many people living with diabetes, weight-loss is a priority. We all know that to lose weight, we generally need to consume fewer calories from food and burn more through physical activity. So how can Kay’s Naturals help with that? Well, a lot of convenient snack foods—which many of us rely on in our busy lives—are high in carbohydrates and fat, while low in protein and fiber. (See How to Choose the Best Snack Foods for You for detailed information about many popular snacks.) Yet a lot of the “healthier” snack food options out there are, well, less than satisfying (and some are just plain boring).

Kay’s Naturals gives you a happy solution: Mini Meals that are nutritionally balanced, diet-friendly, and deliciously satisfying. Some of our most popular foods include Honey Almond Cookie Bites, Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks, and Crispy Parmesan Protein Chips. Just click on any of these names for more information.

Do you have questions about the science that drives Kay’s Naturals? Click here to write to us – we always welcome hearing from you.

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