Day 1: Kay’s Naturals Meal Plan for Diabetes

Kay’s Naturals Apple Cinnamon Cereal with 6 oz. fat-free yogurt, 1.5 tbs. ground flax seeds*, 1/2 cup berries* and 12 oz. calorie-free beverage  
Mid-Morning Snack  
1.5 oz Kay’s Naturals Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks with 12 oz. calorie-free beverage  
Progresso Reduced Sodium Garden Vegetable Soup** with Kay’s Chili Nacho Protein Chips and 12 oz. calorie-free beverage  
**NOTE: You are free to eat a whole or half can of this soup, depending on how many daily calories you want. This soup does not contain wheat ingredients; however, it is not certified “gluten-free.”  
Afternoon Snack  
Kay’s Cinnamon Almond Cookie Bites with 12 oz. coffee, tea, or calorie-free beverage  
Lemon Bag  
Salad: romaine lettuce, raw veggies* & apple*, topped with 2 tbs. lemon juice* & crumbled Kay’s Lemon Herb Protein Chips; 12 oz. calorie-free beverage.
To make your salad, take one head of romaine lettuce, cut out the core, rip the leaves into bite-sized pieces, and place in your dish. Then add a small diced apple* and diced tomatoes*, cucumbers* and carrots*. You may substitute spinach or field greens for all or part of the quantity of romaine, if you like.

Nutritional Information: Protein = 78g, Fat = 35g, Carbohydrates = 177g, Sugar = 62g, Fiber = 34g,        Total Calories = 1,300-1,400

* OPTIONAL; these items add beneficial nutrients and flavor, but they are not essential. You can skip them if you’d like a simpler meal.

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